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-Thinner for Ceramic Products-901 100ml. 3.02? 1.81?
-Thinner for Ceramic Products-901 100ml. Thinner for Painting Glass Ceramic. Our Painting Crystal Colour is a high quality product, focusing both on product and in color, which allows us to give a single application. If you want to just add more fluid "Fluidity Conditioner. For a lighter color or transparent, add the No. 0 Colorless, is the medium of the Glass Painting Color. To add a color to No Pearl 1000 Pearl, a little paint or colored glass, colored glass to painting, a little Pearl depending on the desired effect. To add a pastel of a little No 900 Blanco. Can be applied to brush or account drops. If you want to get sea shell effects we apply the paint on glass and glass painting Brisa Effect. When paint is dry Crystal Color can give a hand to apply light effects Crista Effects of rain or paillettes.
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--Alambre Forrado #30 - AF-BLANCO-0 - 0.45mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
--Alambre Forrado #30 - AF-BLANCO-0 - 0.45mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
2.4  Pincel 170 Avellanado (Lengua de Gato) n? 4 - 4 mm.
2.4 Pincel 170 Avellanado (Lengua de Gato) n? 4 - 4 mm.
...Lydiakol  125gr.-
...Lydiakol 125gr.-
--Alambre Forrado #28 - AF-BLANCO-1- 0.47mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
--Alambre Forrado #28 - AF-BLANCO-1- 0.47mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
-Alambre Forrado #24 MARR?N-2 - 0.65mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
-Alambre Forrado #24 MARR?N-2 - 0.65mmX30cm. -1 bolsa-
N? 059  Leaf  5,5cm
N? 059 Leaf 5,5cm

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