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Saturday 20 December, 2014
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-BCB Ceramic Varnish Gloss 500ml. 10.53€

Product of high transparency and gloss.
Ultra fast drying. Apply thin coats (3 to 5), depending on the desired quality. It doesn't turn pale on ageing. To be applied over any surface with a soft brush.
If more fluidity is needed, it can be additioned Viscosity Conditioner and may be applied with paint gun, airbrush and brush. If we wish to colour it, we can add Synthetic Watercolour (the desired colour), so we can obtain a wide range of coloured, translucent Ceramic Varnish. It is also used as glue for repair glass vases. In the magazine on COLD PORCELAIN #17 pg. 11 we find the explanation of a tulip vase decorated with crystal clear stick with Ceramic Gloss Varnish and the rev. #19 other vase with fishes, made with crystallines, marble powder Lydia, Ceramic Gloss Varnish and coloured with Synthetic Watercolours. - We may make doughy gold by mixing with gold powder and apply with a brush to turn a piece golden, then polychrome with Synthetic Watercolour (see magazine #13 on pages 14 to 16) or with the brush-stroke technique, used for painting Acrylic or to shape and decorate (see magazine #18, page 11).
Clean brushes with alcohol.

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