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Syringe 23 pieces 10cm PROMOCI?N 14.90? 7.45?
Syringe   23 pieces  10cm PROMOCI?N Its most frequent use is the accomplishment of imitations of moss, pistils, tapes, hair, braids for baskets, grass, wools, horsehairs, covered of wires of the stems of flowers and leaves with masses of porcelain or ceramics in cold. Available with 23 different plates that give us several possibilities. The plates with many holes are for making grass, moss, seeds for the center of the flowers, hairs of wrist etc. The round plates allow us to do very extended rollers, to cover stems and that the flowers have one more a more natural appearance. In order to make petals of flowers, those that have form of average cane they are for ending wild of houses, those that have 3 and 4 holes united by the center serve to make braids for wrists or baskets or handles of baskets. The squared ones to make railings or beams for houses, the triangular ones to finish off the unions of the walls so that it is clean finishing. In the magazines THEREFORE FOR the PORCELAIN IN COLD we will be some examples of its use. Pistilos for flowers: Rev. n? 19 p 29 seed of magnolias. Petals of flowers: rev. n? 21 p 6 rev. n? 10 p 15 rev. 17 p 5 rev. 20 p 5 rev. 14 19 l$p. 18 and. Wide grass: rev. n? 10 p 16 photos 14, 15 and 16. Heavy handfuls of grass: rev. 10 p 16 photos 18, 19 and 20 rev. n? 13 p 13 photo 17 and 18. Covered of wire for twigs of flowers: rev. n? 11 p 10, 11 and 13. rev. 12 p 14. rev. n? 2 p 5. rev. n? 9 p 14. Barrandillas and grids: rev. 15 p 6. rev. 4 p 5. Like using it: To insert the first plate that we are going to use and to push it, until the bottom of the apparatus, with the piston. With the mass of porcelain to prepare a roller less thickness slightly than the interior of the body of the musguera, to introduce it in the apparatus, to put the piston and already we have our ready apparatus for the use. There are two forms to press the piston, one is to be pushing it with the thumb so that it is leaving the porcelain and the other, that is much more comfortable, supporting the piston on the work table and pushing the body of the musguera, with the two hands, downwards. If the plate that we have put is of quite great exit, we can push as if a hypodermic syringe it was but, if the one that we have put it is of small orifices we must deliver more attack and is more comfortable to support the piston on the table to make pressure with the two hands. Stock market with musguera and 23 plates.
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