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Wednesday 08 July, 2020
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AS-55 Blue Turquoise 30 ml. PROMOTION 4.65? 2.79?
AS-55 Blue Turquoise 30 ml. PROMOTION -Synthetic Watercolour: Range of 45 colours and two mediums, the Colourless and Pastel. Colours can be degraded with the Colourless medium, and pastel shades with the Pastel Medium. It's applied with a brush, sponge or airbrush, depending on surface and object. Colours very bright. The composition is based in alcohol and is not harmful, it has not been found in allergic reactions as happens with solvents. It is used to paint directly on the cold porcelain, papier mache, Marble powder, alabaster powder, glass, plastic, polyurethane, leather, clothes, dried and wooden flowers, crystal, ceramic powder, biscuits, methacrylate. On the cold porcelain flowers it is sometimes appropriate to apply abundant Colourless, to prevent the porcelain to absorb with intensity and depth the colour we are going to apply, and after, before it?s dry, apply watercolour lowered or not, depending on the intensity of colour we want. If we want an intense colour, it is applied directly without Colourless, if we want a light colour add some Colourless. If you want a pastel shade, just add a little pastel watercolours. The colours are resistant to water, weather and sunlight. They allow cleaning with soapy water. The Colourless is one of the mediums for watercolour. It is used to diminish the intensity of colours getting mor pale and transparent shades. If on a figure or object is superimposed the Colourless over the colour recently applied, we can make diffuminations and clarify the salient areas, giving thus depth, leaving the top surface lighter, for example: clothing, hair, objects and flowers. If instead of mixing two colours we superimpose the lighter over the darkest we'll obtain a surprising result, but more so, as we paint, we remove with a cloth or sponge prominent painted areas the result will be very interesting. We can combine it with another medium, Pastel. This gives a very broad range of pastel, opaque product. Very interesting to dye the wood, the veins stand out and do not rise the "piles", as water based products do. On the biscuit it is convenient to apply a few coats of Ceramic Varnish (Gloss or Satin), to seal the surface before painting. Colourless and Pastel mediums can be mixed together for lowering the intensity of Pastel. Its drying is very fast, which allows us to complete the work immediately. - TIPS: To make a colour correction we must use the Colourless cleaning with a cloth before it dries. To remove splashes of a different colour, immediately remove and paint again over, with the same colour used to paint. On the porous products, such as Marmolin, when painted on the boundary areas, the brush should be thinner and almost without painting. For the rest of the figure the brush must be bigger for the application to be more regular. The porous products absorb quickly the paint and if it has too much paint, it will spread seeking a zone for its absorption. - FACE PAINTING: When you paint a face, the first thing you must paint it flesh (face, arms, hands and feet).When we paint the face it is convenient to paint even over the hair zone. That way you would never know the demarcation between the face and hair.There are three different tones for flesh, the No. 1-Rosed flesh, The No. 2-Light flesh and the No. 3-Dark flesh. Initially it is advisable to buy the colour already made, but later you can try to do it yourself, by adding to the Colourless a few drops of red or pink, some yellow or brown and sometimes a drop of dark olive green; eventually we will have to add some Pastel watercolour for the skin texture. It is very important when applying paint on the skin, having near a cloth or sponge, to soak the paint just applied on the workpiece by pressing immediately and stress in many areas as deep as the chin, neck, eyes, ears, the edge of the nose and inside it, the corners of the mouth, and the limit of the face and hair. It is very important because if we do not dry it well it will be no amount of colour in these places, so the colour will remain more intense and darker.
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